Stay Home – Save Lives

No one can deny that the NHS in this country, as well as all medical staff around the world, are doing a remarkable job, and deserve so much more than a round of applause on a Thursday evening for their tireless efforts in these unprecedented times. We are advised by our governments to stay home and distance ourselves from anyone who doesn’t live under the same roof as us. Distance ourselves from anyone who falls into the category of vulnerability due to age or underlying health conditions. Only go out for food and exercise and upon returning, to wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water to reduce the possibility of viral transference from outside to in. We have been told to STAY AT HOME as much as possible and not to make any non essential journeys to avoid putting strain on our already over worked NHS system in order to flatten the curve of Covid-19 related deaths.

The vast majority of us have complied with all of their requests/advisories/demands but it would seem that our world leaders are more concerned about speedily changing the laws to enforce these powers than they are about alleviating the problems around us getting cabin fever because of them.

As the good weather makes it more inviting to be outside and our itch for social interaction intensifies, we are now seeing reports of police officers using excessive force on people found where they are supposedly not meant to be or acting in a way that they deem Non Compliant. Is this to be our future? Will this be the New Norm which we are told to prepare for? Have we become too compliant too easily out of fear? After the lockdown is lifted, will our liberties be restored and the emergency laws repealed?

On the issue of health, I am concerned for the lives of my family and loved ones as well as my own, but as we have just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII and Germany’s attempted domination of Europe, It seems to me that we have submissively surrendered to the enemy within without so much as a raised voice.


The people are becoming restless. Finances are low if not depleted. Relationships in some situations are strained and there are many people who won’t have a job to return to when the lockdown is lifted so unemployment is on the rise along with mental health issues and concerns around depression.


With speculation around the authenticity of the official death figures due to this pandemic in question and the number of conspiracy theorists on the rise, there are growing numbers of people who are becoming more defiant and congregating in public spaces to demonstrate against the authorities. As much as it is possible to show empathy, is this the best way to voice opinions while potentially putting oneself at risk from contagion or police brutality?

The official statement is to Stay Home in order to Save Lives, but this should be for all to abide by but it appears that multiple officers are often seen bundled into police vans (obviously not from the same household) without PPE in order to enforce these new laws. Are they exempt from what the rest of the world is exposed to? Where has all this money come from to build temporary hospitals which wasn’t there before when the NHS staff were asking for a raise? How will schools, bars, cinemas, restaurants, public transport and planes be able to operate if the intention is to maintain social distancing? When will the general public be able to get tested for their own piece of mind? There are many questions which need answering around Covid-19 but the most important of them all is ‘What is their agenda for you and I’? Until these questions are answered, look after you and yours and stay safe.

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