Angie LeMar – Full Circle

Angie Le Mar, the multi-award winning comedienne, businesswoman, speaker, writer, director, producer and talk show host, blends her own style of creativity and fun with out of the box thinking to bring her own brand of entertainment straight to her audience.
As one of Britain’s top comediennes, Angie has successfully harnessed the power of laughter to create inspiring and thought provoking productions. From stage to radio to television to the written page, Angie has proven a hit with a multicultural audience – male, female, young and old alike. She is equally at home with quick-fire comedy, acutely observed character sketches, and solid acting performances.
Angie’s wide ranging career achievements, from being the first British performer to storm the legendary Harlem Apollo, to making history in London’s West End with the first ever sell out show by a black comedienne, not only enables her to deliver top-quality performance and production values on stage, screen and the airwaves, but also to attract a large and loyal fan base along with greatly increased audiences wherever her work appears. Angie is married and a Mum of three, and as her oldest son (Travis Jay) testified last night at the launch of her first creation as an author ‘Full Circle” she has never left them wanting as a family regardless of how busy she gets or where her career takes her.
The book, as Angie says, was born out of telling her story, using her own voice. It is a riveting read, which tackles her highs as well as her lows; the rejections as well as her successes; but most of all her resilience and her never-ending, unwavering faith in herself to keep on going when the odds seem stacked against her and the windows of opportunity appear to be no more real than that of a theatre stage set. In an interview with presenter Brenda Emannus, she allowed herself to show her vulnerability, as she became very emotional when talking about the hardest chapter she had to write to complete this project. The relationship between herself and her father. It was evident to everyone in the room that she loved him dearly, and he played a big part in her growth from childhood to womanhood as she recalled many quotes, which he had passed onto her throughout her life, which she was able to, drawn upon in times of need. Unfortunately, her father passed away last year, and didn’t see the addition of author added to her CV, but it was a poignant moment when she said that choosing 16th March to launch her book wasn’t just a random date made available by Waterstones in Piccadilly, but it was also her father’s birthday.
Many celebs came out to support, and show their love for her first litteratual creation with stories of how she has affected their lives and careers and how selfless she has been throughout her own. She is loved deeply by all who attended, and many who were unable to and as much as her book is entitled “Full Circle” which suggests that she has come back to where she started, we who know her know that she is not one to go around in circles, and her directional career is stratosphere bound. Check out what Angie’s friends think about her:

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